I’m a senior ASP.NET / C# / MVC4 / Javascript / SQL developer currently living in Zurich Switzerland. I started programming in 1996 using Visual Basic 3, SQL Server 6, MS Access, OCR, Twain, and ODBC, working for a small Irish document imaging and management company. I progressed through to VB 6, classic ASP, then .NET, at which point I switched to C# and have never looked back. Along the way I’ve worked for financial, telecoms, e-learning, and government organisations.

I have a Diploma in Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin, and a BSc. Honours in Information Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin.

I decided to start this blog as there are lots of problems and solutions that I come across during the course of my work and I wanted one place to store everything I learn as time goes on. I would be delighted if anyone found some of the stuff that I post useful, just as I constantly find answers and other bits of information on various other blogs. Feel free to leave a comment on any posts or anything else you might find interesting 🙂